Episode 4 - A Misinterpretation of Events

Phil has a rude awakening when his daughter, who runs the family business, is confronted with making a painful decision about his place in their company.

Episode 4 - A Misinterpretation of Events

Written by:  Margie Semilof

Directed by:  Bruce Nehlsen

Produced by:  Cynthia Turkington

Recording Engineer and Sound Design by:  Matt Brousseau


Michelle Bernath as Dorothy

Kait Haire as Laurie


Sal Valetta as Phil

Hosted by:

Yvette Green

And a special thanks to Starburns Industries

Song: “Jazz Tape” by Andrew Huang is licensed through the YouTube Audio Library
SFX: “phone4” by rsm28 is licensed under CC Sampling Plus 1.0